Apollo Road

“From the pen of Best Selling Thriller writer Cliff Roberts” What would you do if a psychopathic serial killer decided to make you his new best friend? A man who is unemployed, bankrupt and about to be divorced by an unfaithful wife is about to find out… A psychopathic serial killer, who believes he’s on a mission from God to rid the world of self-centered evil people, intends to make ‘Jake’s’ soon-to-be ex-wife his next victim. The killer views this as a gesture of friendship and promptly frames Jake for the murders of his soon-to-be ex and her lover, then offers to help him change his identity and his life. Jake has no real choice but to go along with his new best friend. He’s jobless, penniless, bankrupt, considering suicide and framed for murder. After faking his own death, he’s led on a journey of discovery that’s fraught with murder, mayhem and money.